Communications Working Group

Upon successful DAO vote, The Communications Group will be established with the duties and members laid out in this document.


The Phonon DAO has always had some problems when it came to getting the word out.

My plan since being elected DAO leader has been to put the communications group front-and-center to get the word out. Devin_S has taken the point position on creating a marketing plan with help of some of our more prominent members, and it is my intention that he will lead the implementation of the plan.


I would like to have specific people be responsible for specific duties within the new organization. This is to ensure there is a consistent point of contact, and no confusion about who is responsible for what.


The lead is responsible for ensuring each of the members of the group are doing their duty as public representatives. The lead will also be overseeing public communications and marketing plans.

Devin_S is the intended holder of this position.


The blog manager is in charge of maintaining the phonon blog. The blog manager will enlist members of the DAO to write compelling articles to engage the community and keep them informed of what’s happening in the Phonon DAO and ecosystem.

Light is the intended holder of this position with help from myself (Nate).

The twitter manager will be in charge of maintaining the twitter account. As the project becomes more well-known within the crypto community, this position will become one of the most important. The twitter manager will need to engage the twitter users to clear up any misconceptions about the Phonon project and give consise updates pertaining to the DAO.

We do not currently have a holder for this position, though BradyTheMonkey has expressed interest in holding it.


The Reddit manager will be in charge of maintaining the subreddit and the reddit account. Reddit is one of the most important venues for communication in technology today, and the Reddit manager will need to manage spam/troll accounts and meaningfully engage with prospective community members.

Phomo 2018 and Reddest Rooster are the intended holders of this position.

Additional responsibilities

Video Content

There will be need for video content to be produced at times to help with community engagement. These videos will be put out less frequently than other forms of communication and will require quite a bit more work. Due to these reasons, no one will be given the task of regularly generating video content, but members of the dao will be asked to produce videos as needed and as the resources are available.

At present moment, Devin_S, Super Synapse, and I (Nate) are planning on creating a basic explainer video on the protocol, as well as a video showcasing what the basic use of Phonon will look like.

Consistent Branding

All of the branding assets will need to be made uniform across all of our public channels.

This one-time process will be overseen by Devin_S.

Communications guidelines/plan

Devin_S will explain the creative aspects of the communications plan at a later time.

Additional Members

Please reach out to me (Nate) on Discord if you are interested in working with the Communications Group. There are always additional communication avenues and platforms, and we are always looking for help.