Rumors of PHONON’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

For the uninformed, PHONON was founded as a DAO in order to build a versatile, open source payment platform as an alternative to the privately owned channels that have largely replaced cash in today’s day and age. The development support extended to the project by GRID+ has expired, leaving continued efforts in the hands of the DAO. If you’re reading this that likely includes you. If you care about creating infrastructure that fostersr digital liberty, or if putting in time to grow the PHONON token price serves you and you haven’t already checked in on the discord to see how you can assist, we’ll be waiting for you. We won’t be waiting idly though. Fearless Leader N8’s briefing is below. I think it’s the right play, and I’m ready to do whatever I can, with whatever I’ve got, wherever I am needed. –Reddest Rooster

The plan is to:

  1. Put together a proper communications team, and get them working on getting the message out there.
  2. Get a Finance/Economics group together to try to fund the technical progress of the Phonon Beta and subsequent 1.0 release.
  3. Put together an engineering team to complete the Beta and go to full release.

This sounds a little backwards, but we had the inverse order of priorities before and ended up where we are because of it.

The current state is as follows:

We had an initial communications meeting and found that no one was willing to work on it until we formalized a communication plan. A member of the dao who works in marketing put together the initial plans for a set of guidelines, and went on vacation.

He should be back from vacation within a few days, and we will have another meeting to discuss the communications guidelines, formalize them, and formalize the communications group to get started blasting the crypto ecosystem with information about phonon. Once that is up and running, we will work on gathering the finance/economics minded people and get them working on establishing partnerships/raising capital to fund engineering. As soon as that group is set in motion, we will gather up all of the past phonon developers who are still wishing to be involved as well as interested developers, and get going on finishing up the phonon beta.

Things are moving slowly right now, but once we get the three groups together, it will appear that everything is happening all at once.